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She makes plans to go to the library and research spinal injuries. Yrene attends dinner that night with the royal family and Chaol. Ignoring Chaol, Yrene talks with Hasar and endures Kashin 's praise for her healing ability. Chaol eyes her throughout, though she pays him no attention and instead focuses on shutting down conversation with Kashin, who continually tries to talk to her. She leaves immediately after the dessert course. The next day, Yrene makes her way to Chaol's rooms for the next session. She explains that she can help him, and advises Nesryn to use the hours Chaol will be indisposed in their sessions to go about her business.

Nesryn leaves, and Yrene discusses slavery in Adarlan with Chaol, who informs her of Dorian Havilliard 's decree to end it and the slave camps. She is not impressed. They continue the session, and Yrene attempts to use her magic on the darkness in his back; she encounters a wall that startles her and she recoils. Demanding to know what it is, Yrene begins kneading his muscles and he whispers the truth about the Valg to her while she works. Yrene sails to the northern continent with Chaol and the khaganate army. Yrene has discovered she might be pregnant, but keeps this from Chaol to stop him worrying.

Chaol receives word from a ruk scout that 10, Morath soldiers are on their way to his homeland of Anielle, and makes the decision to fly there to warn his father and the people of Anielle.

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Yrene refuses to stay behind, and flies there with him and fifty healers. They arrive at Anielle, which Yrene notes is a grim and dreary place. She notices Chaol's attitude towards his home is a bitter one, and tries to reassure him he's doing the right thing. Chaol is grateful for her support.

The two of them enter Westfall Keep to a muted welcome, and go to meet Chaol's father. Lord Westfall proves to be every bit as bitter and dismissive as Chaol expected, and Yrene surprises them both by standing up to him and chastising him for his attitude towards his son and his people, earning her a grudging respect from Lord Westfall and gratitude from Chaol. They leave the Lord to his loneliness and are taken to their rooms. Sartaq and Nesryn arrive the next morning with a contingent of ruks, having scouted ahead for news of the approaching army.

The outlook is grim. Yrene organizes the healers and sets up a medical station, and also sets about evacuating families on the lake-side of the Keep who might be endangered by catapults.

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The Valg army arrives, and the onslaught begins. For the next five days, Yrene is occupied with healing the injured soldiers and ruks of the Anielle and the khaganate while worrying about Chaol. On her way to the next patients she is stopped by Eretia , who pointedly asks if she has rested enough.

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She brushes aside Yrene's excuses and tells her that she needs to be careful in her state, because magic use during pregnancy can be dangerous. Yrene promises to tell Chaol when the time is right. Kashin and his forces arrive to give aid, and the battle dies down for a moment. Nesryn takes Yrene and Chaol to a war meeting with the khaganate royals, and they are shocked to find Aelin there, with her group of rescuers.

Chaol and Aelin reunite, and when he introduces her to his wife the queen recognizes the healer she met all those years ago. Yrene express her gratitude for the help she gave, and Aelin is moved to tears when she realizes that Yrene and Chaol are married. Introductions are made, and information is shared.

After the meeting ends Yrene finds Chaol rubbing down his horse and tells him she's pregnant, though to her dismay he already knows thanks to his father's careful observations. He isn't angry that she hid it from him, and they embrace. Chaol is left with the unenviable task of introducing Aelin to his father; Yrene would very much like to see that conversation, and goes with him. Surprisingly, they find that Lord Westfall has already found out about Aelin and meet him on his way to her. Chaol reluctantly introduces him, and Yrene quietly watches while the show begins, enjoying every moment of it.

Aelin deals with the Lord in her usual bittersweet manner, taking great pleasure in telling him that Chaol is hand to the King of Adarlan and outranks him. Eventually Lord Westfall leaves, angry and humiliated, and Aelin congratulates Yrene on her pregnancy.

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Amused by the whole thing, Yrene leaves to tend the wounded. The battle rages on, and Morath tries to tip the scales by destroying Anielle's dam and flooding the battlefield. Yrene sends Elide to tell Chaol something, and when she does not return the healer finds him herself and prays for Elide when she sees the girl racing across the field to find Lorcan. She watches from the battlements as Aelin vaporizes the approaching flood, and afterwards she tends to Lorcan and other injured soldiers. She also demonstrates her ability to purge the Valg from their hosts to Aelin and the rest, spending the next long hours slowly removing them from all of Morath's unwilling soldiers while Gavriel watches and learns how to do it himself.

They pass through the Ferian Gap , where Yrene continues to heal soldiers who fall ill and the like. Elide travels with the healing train, helping Yrene. She expresses concern over Yrene's health when she witnesses the healer throwing up after cleaning out a wound. Yrene assures her she's fine, just ill from the pregnancy. She offers to heal Elide's ankle, and examines it for her before laying out her options.

For her to heal the ankle she would have to re-break all the bones that healed improperly and set them correctly, which would take months of work and be agonizingly painful even with help from magic. Elide would be unable to walk for a while as well. Alternatively she could give her salve to use that would numb the pain to a point, but Elide would develop arthritis and eventually the salve wouldn't work.

Elide chooses to wait before deciding. Dorian Havilliard returns from his search for the third Wyrdkey, and he reunites with Chaol. He is overjoyed to meet Yrene, though she notices a passing sadness in his eyes which quickly disappears. Glamorous stores and boutiques bailed out, too, leaving ordinary ones and empty space in their wake. Thirty-four years later, the story skyscraper can claim all the clout any bricks-and-mortar could want. The question now is whether President Donald J. Trump can tear himself away from his beloved penthouse in the sky at Fifth Ave.

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Is there something suspicious about the two 'experts' looking over the contents of Dark Towers? Then Tracy and Edward meet a friendly ghost!

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The Friendly Ghost gives a warning and tells of the legend of Dark Towers. He gives the first clue to the whereabouts of the Tall Knight's treasure. The first clue on the trail of the Golden Book of the Tall Knight leads to a worm-eaten rhyme and a hunt for old wheels. Tracy solves the clue, but finds out that Benger and Bunce are crooks and overhears their plans. Tracy is 'framed' by Benger and Bunce. Edward enlists the help of the Friendly Ghost and finally meets Tall Knight. The studded chest is found Benger and Bunce turn nasty but the Tall Knight comes to Tracy's rescue. The secret hiding place of the Golden Book is discovered - by the three villains - so the Friendly Ghost decides to summon up the Tall Knight.

Will the Tall knight arrive in time to save his treasure and the house? Who will have the last laugh? Stop, Look, Listen.

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