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The Mighty Nein dive back underwater to find the second temple of Uk'otoa in search of Fjord's reward The Mighty Nein dock in Bisaft before setting sail through a dangerous storm to find the next temple of Uk'otoa The Mighty Nein find a stowaway on the Squalleater, who carries a mysterious item that holds dangerous consequences for the curious The Mighty Nein investigate Fjord's shipwreck, and their underwater adventure takes a spooky turn as they head deeper into the Diver's Grave The Mighty Nein face a showdown with Avantika and her crew in Darktow, and the possible wrath of the Plank King for breaking pirate law The Mighty Nein explore the pirate island of Darktow, and attempt to undermine Avantika The Mighty Nein head for the lawless island of Darktow, engaging in an act of piracy along the way The Mighty Nein undergo a dangerous watery escape from the temple, and go to great lengths to maintain their alliance with Captain Avantika The Mighty Nein discover what creatures lie in wait in the inner depths of the temple Delving into the jungle island of Urukayxl, the Mighty Nein must utilize new tactics in order to contend with the dangerous denizens of the jungle Live from New York!

The Mighty Nein are taken aboard the Squall Eater, and Fjord learns more about his mysterious patron The Mighty Nein hire a crew and set out on a naval adventure, but danger lurks on the open seas The Mighty Nein find success in their task for the Ruby, but chaos ensues as they continue their search for Marius LePual The Mighty Nein investigate the watery underbelly of Nicodranas, and find more danger than they bargained for Beach episode!

The Lorelei siblings return home to discover their castle ransacked, their staff murdered, and their father missing The Mighty Nein return to several old stomping grounds as they journey south to Nicodranas and the Menagerie Coast The Mighty Nein take two weeks of down time in Zadash, shopping and researching, before embarking on their next adventure Reunited at last, the Mighty Nein journey back to Zadash, hoping to find closure with those they've lost and the contracts they've made Live from Indianapolis! The Mighty Nein descend deeper into the Sour Nest to rescue their friends, and find help in an unexpected corner The Mighty Nein set out to find some help to take down the Iron Shepherds, and enter the Sour Nest to engage with their enemies Still reeling from the cost of their first fight against the Iron Shepherds, the Mighty Nein gain another ally and enter Shadycreek Run, where they begin to plot their revenge against their formidable foe The Mighty Nein head down into the Gearhold Prison to destroy the clockwork Gear Warden, and hopefully help a family in need….

The Mighty Nein explore the town of Hupperdook, and find much more intrigue than they bargained for After finishing up some loose ends in the Labenda Swamp, the Mighty Nein head to the town of Huperdook The Mighty Nein delve into the waters below the safehouse in an attempt to finish their first task for the Gentleman As The Mighty Nein get closer to Berleben, trouble awaits them on the road and in the swamp The Mighty Nein find themselves facing multiple choices as to their next actions and alliances…. The end of the Harvest Close Festival brings a victory overshadowed by the bigger problems of the Empire The Mighty Nein deal with the ramifications of their actions in the research facility, exploring more of the dark caverns beneath Zadash and experimenting with dangerous unknowns….

Heading down an underground river, the Mighty Nein explore a long abandoned research facility, uncovering dangerous foes and even more dangerous secrets The Mighty Nein find themselves creating dangerous allegiances, and uncovering more about the past of one of their own…. Hijinks ensue as the Mighty Nein attempt subterfuge in order to carry out the mission of the Knights of Requital The Mighty Nein delve into the sewers of Zadash in search of the mysterious beast that has been terrorizing the Crownsguard.

Push the red button to score V. Move the wolf heads as shown in the screenshot Y, Z. Swap the gold and silver wolves. Go back to the hotel. Enter the elevator. Go to the third floor I. Proceed down the passage. Step through the door on the right to enter the utility room. Pull the newspaper from under the door. Enter the sea room. Read the newspaper article B. Take a closer look at the drawing. In the sea room, arrange the ships in the bottles so that they correspond to the dates on the pedestals. Use the information from the restored drawing of the ships H.

Look into the peephole in the wall J. Read the newspaper article K. Open the fire rack. In the passage, use the AXE to cut the beam supporting the debris P. Read the guestbook on the table behind the debris Q. Open the table drawer. Turn the lever inside the open fuse box to switch off the power on the floor T. Move the torn wires out of the way U.

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Turn on the power V. Move forward twice to go to the roof. Go back down. Open the freezer. Talk to the man chained to the chair F. Read the letter I. Move the chimney sweep to the far right house by balancing the houses with weights. See the screenshot. Go to the roof. Look at the photo X. Look into the fireplace. Go back to the sea room. Turn it until you find a broadcast C.

Remember the arrangement of the chess pieces. Arrange the chess pieces as seen on the TV screen E. Please note: The arrangement of the game pieces might be different in your game. Read the note from the scroll. Remember the order of the animals I. Please note: The order might be different in your game. Go back to the Japanese room. Read the newspaper article after the chair falls through the floor Q. Chapter 5: Deadly Games Go to the first floor. Search the glittering area in the lobby to get a CHIP. Complete the mini-game by pushing the buttons in the following order: 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 2.

Enter the restaurant. Go to the bar. Remove the chairs from the table U. Click the projector V. Go back once. Enter the kitchen through the door on the left. Turn off the stove Y. Open the door to the staircase. Go down. Put the fuses in the fuse box D. One correct variant is shown in the screenshot. Open the door. Enter the laundry room. Connect the hoses to the washing machine I. Open the washing machine door. Close the door J. Start the washing machine K. Open the washing machine. Look at the symbols on the bed sheet L.

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Enter the combination of symbols into the door lock M. Enter the cellar. Take the KEY from the cube lid Q. Use the KEY to open the drawer R. Fill all three bottles with liquid by creating a path between the barrel and the bottles. See the screenshot for the solution. Read the letter C. Go back to the hotel entrance.

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Go back to the kitchen. Complete the mini-game on the freezer lock F. This screenshot shows the solution for the right part of the puzzle. This screenshots show the solution for the left part of the puzzle. Read the note in the drawer J. Search the glittering area by the hotel entrance R.

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Click on every circled item. Push the power control panel buttons from the bottom up T1, T2, T3. Turn the lever V. Enter the hotel W. Search the glittering area by the reception desk X. Use the guest registry to learn Mr. Grey is staying in room Go up the stairs to the second floor Y. Go to the right wing Z. Turn the door handle of room A. Enter room Take the hotel map C. Answer the phone D. Chapter 2: Game On Leave the room. Go back to the stairs. Go to the left wing to find out who screamed. Talk with the sheriff E. Go to the victim F. Look at the bites on his hand G.

Go back to the passage. Talk to the girl from room Search the glittering area I. Go to room to discover the girl trying to burn something.

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Use water from the vase J to extinguish the smoldering paper. Click on the scraps to move them to the magazine and load the puzzle K. Assemble the torn page L. Talk to the sheriff that enters the room. Go back to the right wing. Use the KEY N open room Click on the suitcase by the bed to open it P. In the right wing, solve the domino puzzle on the statue S.

The missing domino pieces are chosen at random, but the final state will look like what is shown in the screenshot S. Read the article V. Search the glittering area in room Open the cabinet X. Study the table of snakes on the back of the page B. Go back to the victim. Use the table from room to determine which snake bit the victim. Find the matching interdental gap. Please note: The antidote number in your game may differ from the one in the walkthrough.

Listen to Katherine and Jack talk. Take a closer look at the vase Jack broke. Open the case. Leave the hotel. Search the glittering area behind the reception desk. Take the TAP. Turn on the radio X. Switch channels until you get a signal Y. Talk with Katherine. Offer her tea. In the left wing, insert the TAP into the cooler A.

Read the note G. In room , find the broken phone. Return to the staircase.

Notice the bonds K. Talk with the police. In room , discover that Katherine is dead. Arrange the stones on the suitcase lock as shown on the drawing in the locket N. The arrangement of the stones is random, so it might differ from the screenshot. Open the notebook. To access the data, arrange the pictures as shown in the screenshot O. Watch the video of Katherine and Jack talking; notice that Katherine sent a message to Jack. Read the invitation Q. Notice the money transfer receipts R. Take the repaired DOLL. Read the text messages stored on the phone. Notice Mr. Remember the picture with the symbols.

Read the new message. It shows the ventilation grill in room Open the flashlight hidden behind the painting above the fireplace. The correct combination is shown in the cell phone message V. Take the GEM W from the open flashlight. Click on the case to enlarge it. Insert the GEM A into the lid. Read the note in the opened case B. In room , draw back the curtain E.