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With over registered student organizations , a myriad of on-campus jobs , and countless volunteer opportunities every semester, there are plenty of ways to broaden your horizons and have relevant experience to show employers.

How to Land a Job

Speaking of resumes, the Career Development Center developed a new Resume Writing Guide that can be used to develop yours, hopefully one that helps you stand out from the crowd. They also offer a Document Drop Program , which allows you to receive professional feedback on your resumes and cover letters before sending them off. A solid resume is the most important tool in the arsenal for young professionals looking to start their careers. MTSU photo by J. Without the proper resources or connections, the hardest part of the process can be actually finding jobs and internships that work well for you.

A cool fun fact, they do not put unpaid internships into Lightning CareerLink, so make some money! Career Shift is a search tool that allows you to both hunt for jobs as well as find contact information for businesses.

How to Land that Perfect Summer Job

This is an excellent starting point to get your name out to companies and start networking on a more personal level. MTSU provides free access to this service, so be sure that you take advantage of it. The university also plays host to many job, career, and internship fairs throughout the school year.

Often based around a single college or department, attending these fairs gets you one-on-one with most of the top employers in Middle Tennessee. Here you can learn more about different companies and their possible careers within, and potentially even get an interview on the spot! Be sure you look beyond your first search, though!

New listings are added every day and career events are always popping up on campus. Half the battle is now complete, so now you can focus on preparing to land the job or internships you applied for by attending an interview.

Interviews can cause a ton of stress for the obvious reason of being judged for something you really want. Also, dig into your own network to see if you're connected to someone who has experience at the company and who can share their perspective on working there.

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Carolyn Thompson, executive recruiter and managing principal at Merito Group says connecting with someone at the company can also be an extra way for you to get your foot in the door. Even after you've submitted your application for a job, you should still copy and paste or print the job listing for future reference. With many employers removing a position once they've received enough applicants, Dobroski says saving a job description can help you prepare for an interview when you want to look back on the qualifications needed.

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Even if you're looking at jobs that are all within the same industry, it's still important to tailor your resume so that it matches each specific job you apply to. By doing so, you give yourself a competitive edge over the resumes that hiring managers know are used for any and every job.

According to Glassdoor, your cover letter should not read like an extra copy of your resume. Instead, it should provide hiring managers with more background information about who you are and why you are a right fit for the position and the company. It should also include a call to action like, "I look forward to connecting to discuss next steps," so the employer knows just how interested you are in moving forward with the position. If a job application doesn't specifically ask for a cover letter, it never hurts to send one anyway.

1. Matt Cain, president and CEO, Couchbase

It can be the determining factor that sets you apart from the rest of the competition. Bestselling management author and makes it clear that the preparation you do for an interview can be the key to you landing a job. In fact, in every interview she conducts, she says her favorite question to ask a candidate is about their preparation process.

In addition to preparing yourself for how to properly answer an interview question, you should also prep yourself on what information you want to know from the interviewer.

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According to Glassdoor, if you don't ask questions in an interview you can easily "run the risk of unintentionally appearing disengaged or uninterested. To show your interest, Glassdoor suggests asking questions about the growth opportunities at the company or inquiring about the biggest challenges people face working there. To really stand out and show your appreciation for the interview, you should always send a follow up note thanking the hiring managers for taking time out of their schedule to meet with you. This note can be sent via email or snail mail, but Thompson says before sending you should triple check to make sure there are no grammatical errors and that all names are spelled correctly.

If offered the position, Glassdoor says you should thank the employer for the opportunity and confirm when you will need to accept the job. Rather than giving an answer right away, you should use the time you have to carefully consider if the offer is right for you and to assess whether you need to negotiate your salary.

Tools like Glassdoor's Know Your Worth can help you measure the market pay of a job based on where you live, your job title and your relevant work experience. Like this story? Don't miss: 3 tips for landing a job when you have no experience. Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox.

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