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None is insignificant. Life has both physical and spiritual realms.

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Death is a permanent separation of the body from the soul unlike sleep which Is temporary. PRAY before sleep! Another dimension is that other beings exist metaphysically — spirits, and they have powers to varying but sometimes, great extents — to even take human form or act as humans invisibly. THESE are the ghosts. I have had not-so-serious personal encounters and yes, spirits can take life if they mean to and God gives a way afterall, men kill one another etc.

I am a medical practitioner and know that not all conditions can be totally scientifically proven, even, hallucinations or psychosis. I have seen unusual occurrences, even hospital deaths — one was so obviously spiritual. I have known people who have succeeded with prayers. I have observed that various people have various propensity to spiritual encounters. They are not abnormal people, just maybe, gifted or yes, attractive to the spirits. Whatever you believe, pray and persevere and talk it over with the right people — even if it is for reassurance.

You are not crazy. YES, 2-yr olds can remember! I leave you with greetings of peace, best wishes and a prayer: I seek refuge in God from Satan, the accursed. From his breath, his whisper and mischief and that he comes not near me. Over the years ive experianced afew things unexplainable,and as of lately myself and my 3 year old son saw a black shadow of a guy wearing a baseball cap walk across the hallway from our bathroom area and into my bedroom.

My son tried to talk to it but then got scared and ran behind me.

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He told me to see who it is thats in there. Obviously no one was in there but we saw him clear as daylight. My son says it was a bear. When i asked him again if he remembers him he still says no mum it was a bear. But yes what is it and what are they? I hear someone get up fronm my kitchen table as the chair creaks and so does the table if you lean on it.

Well thats common in our house were at the stage we dont even bothdr looking now to see what it is. Alot of things are happening.. A necklace or gemstone etc? Could be anything that belonged to someone else.. Thats one theory but there are many more and we may never find out! I do not really know how this site works. If there, and obviously if you received my reply…. Sorry Britt, your story is the most farfetched of all, it sounds like a story a seven-year-old made up. I did spirit photography and it scared the hell out of me what I found. The pictures were saved on my phone and my hallway, which is pitch black even at daytime with all of the doors closed showed faces of random people.

There was even a photo that portrayed a skull-shaped face. I even had moans from outside of my room a little while ago. Lights cut off by themselves, dishes crash inside the cabinets, I see dark indistinguishable figures moving at the end of the hallway. Most of the time I see them moving towards MY room of all damn rooms…. The lights were off so I thought it was just my imagination and I pulled the sheets over my head and rolled over on my side. When I pulled down the sheets, it was almost face to face with me, right next to the bed and I turned on the light and it was gone, nothing was there or at the foot of my bed.

My brother and I used to share a room and we had a foreign exchange student staying with us, we both heard a loud scream from the living room. Nothing was on in the room but a lamp. No tv, no stereo, nothing. I go to Vanessa;s the foreign exchange student room and ask if she heard anything, she heard nothing at all, same with my parents.

The Edge of Night

All frightening and absolutely terrifying…. Do you mind if I ask how old are you now? I am replying to a previous post since it seems this page is no longer accepting any new posts. These entities do indeed exist, but they are not ghosts. They are either demons more often than not manifesting themselves in the image of real people to scare, confuse, or cause harm.

Or they are angels manifesting themselves in the image of real people. In the event of hauntings they are always demons. Their purpose and it is working is to confuse and misdirect anyone in any way that they can. The only interaction you should ever entertain with them is when you are commanding them to leave. Most entities from the supernatural are demons. Satan is a liar and his favorite way of messing with us is through his minions.

I do believe in God and Jesus, but I am not a religious fanatic. And each one is different — the way one person can see or feel the supernatural will be entirely different from the way another person can see or feel it… any many never have any. Once you do have a supernatural experience esp. Good luck to all of you and I hope that whatever you do experience you will be able to take control of it, overcome it, and have peace from then on.

God Bless! You should be flattered that this is going on. The only reason they pick you off is probably cause your too strong in spirit to them; so they get you at your weakest point. By the fear of what you think they can do. There is some meditation its called surah bakra just search on your tube and play this surah bakra with loud voice and arabic and u will get rid of this ghost soon.

The first sign that something weird was going on was when me and my were in my room chatting at My mum came down and told us to stop walking around and to go to bed. Anyway we got to sleep at around in the morning and my friend woke me up at am saying the bathroom light had turned on by itself.

I said my mum or dad must be in the bathroom but when I looked and bathroom door was open and knowone was in there. As I turned my back to go back to my room coldness rushedast me like a gust of wind. My friend felt it to and the light turned off. Being 11 i tried to reassure us and I said that it was just a powder cut and we went with that. As we got back into bed the bathroom light turned back on and a couple of seconds later so did my light.

Suddenly all the lights turned off and all went quite. My breathing slowed down and I was fine. Or am I going mad? The blur that you see is called a Shadow Ghost or a spirit, it is most of the time a type of spirit or ghost. This phenomena could just be a type of form either entity can take, but no one is certain. Their appearance can range from dark grey to black and height varies from 1 foot to 6 ft. They can be seen as dark smoke like figures or blobs. If this is what you see then I would do some research on Shadow Ghosts to see how they react and if they are there to harm you.

I have see two in my life one at my grans house and one in my the one in grans house was ugly the one at my. Hi could toll u whom it was and what they need help with and can help got riddof or calm them down can also physacly remove them. That happens to me as well! Something sorta like that happened to my family. I had just turned thirteen when I found out. We were talking about scary movies and how I feared paranormal activity. But when I found out what it was, everything seemed to cone together. Like a puzzle. She said when she was 20 her dog would run up to her closet and just bark at the right corner.

She pushed it aside and took her back downstairs. But her dog ran back up and did the same thing. She told me it felt more like a guardian angel more than being haunted. Also, when she sleeps, she could feel a breeze of cold air go down her arm. Her boyfriend could feel it to. But thats not the only one. I heard my TV turn on while I was taking a shower.

My cat came to the door trying to get in. After a few seconds he ran off. After I got out I saw a scratch mark on the wall. It was normal for my cat to go insane. So I told my mom. We waited, when I turned 14 she got me a dog. After a few months I would wake up around , almost everyday, to hear my dog barking at random corners and places.

For my sisters birthday she wanted to have a sleep over. So I invited my friends she invited hers. And I have to say nothing scared us more than what happened that day. Our TV was fuzzy, the light in the kitchen started flickering, then we heard scratch marks on our wall. I was online talking with my friends on my computer and my door was open. This happened about 2 years ago To the right you can see clearly into the hall. When you walk into the hall from my room it curves to the left leading to the kitchen, other rooms and so forth.

On the right is the bathroom and in front is another room, This happened maybe 11pm at night and I see this small shadow running from the left of the hall to the right into the bathroom. I stay there thinking what did I just see? I ignore it kind of but I keep thinking about it and looking to the hall now and then. It leaves me alone if I do. One other thing happened about a year ago was when I was sleeping and dreaming I guess.

I turned everything off but a small light I leave on because of demons I see now and again. I was in my bed under my white blanket and I see this goat in front of my computer. This goat has many horns and then it looks at me. I get this horrible feeling that something is wrong. Shortly after I wake up very scared and get onto my computer. I no all that becous my brother wen he dring he be come weke and the ghost go in hem and cut my brother hand for blood than he dring it so i say i have it whit ghost i take his hand and i start to call my god indian god the ghost try to break free of my hand i keep sing a indian god song till my brother pass out.

If that help u tell me i well tell you guys more that can keep the ghost out of the house. Well ever since my best friend pass away 10 years ago. I stared seeing things at grave yards. I never talk to her. And whan I go to my friends grave he moves. Ya I have. In my place.. Talks to me. Sits stands. All in one. When a ghost appears a cold breeze u feel. Recently went to goa with my frds.. Early in the morning.. Was going for a walk on the sea shore on the edge of the water I saw ghost springing out of the water coming towards me..

I got scared…while swimming in the sea I saw dead people as ghost surrounding me but I never got scared.. A ghosy shark saw…with his teeth wide open ed near me.. Abit of fear had but I was brave. Jesus name took.. Since childhood I have seen such things.. A snake saw as a nag…changing in a woman back to a snake.. I think I have a friendly ghost in my house. It still creeps me out. I was running down the hall and I was babysitting my little brother and 6 foot shadow figure just appeared in front of me walking towards me, I stopped and I got a big chill down my spine.

I think this is the ghost of my granfather. At the age of 19 I was sent to haze state prison. Shortly after I arrived I was sent to the hole for making trouble. The gaurds took all of my clothes and property so I was standing naked in my cell waiting for chow when I smelled a very beautiful strong odor a very pleasant odor. Like mens cologn. Then this man who I had never seen before opened the flap on my window looked in and then closed it again he was dressed in black and somthing in my mind told me that he was a catholic priest and an angel the man looked as solid as you and I.

Evertime I think of this mans face my body tingles with vibration and I get this awsome feeling. I never saw the man again and to this day this man captivates me. My heart just felt funny does this mean hes with me? Someone please text this number and explain whats happened to me I know nothing of these things need an expert opinion. The type of death and behaviour before it happens will tell in wish circunstances incidents and things will occur. Anger, regret…are very solid and substancial feelings. Energy can take different shapes and forms, if you have pure energy inside a bottle, it will shape like a bottle… now if you have polluted energy lets say…anger , it will actually interact with the environment.

Nuno, please help me!!! Im not sure if you are still in need of advice but one of the best things you can do is get a smudge stick made up of white sage. White sage cleanses out anything negative. If you can get a smudge stick made of white sage and lavender.

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The lavender adds peace along side with the cleanse. Ruun nigga runnn. Shit might kill you. Did you run yet fool? Aah Haa Na but no-homo, you run yet? Im just going to turn on the Audi R-8, so we can get the jibblets out of here. Thank Jesus nigga. You aint replying. See I told you! I told you! I told ya bitch ass to run.

You must dead right now. Two that ghost just wants to be your friend and play kick ball with you and take you out on a date and maybe rape you. Son of a bitch, you know something Sadam? You sound more stupid trying to explain to this girl that the house echos, then just admitting you believe in ghosts. Okay nigga let me scream in my one-bedroom apartment and see if it echos. Nope nothing. Osma, do you know? Dumb nigga. If you want this ghost to leave your house you can just say that you command it to leave and I have a good friend that has had over 60 pictures with the same ghost and it looks like it is trying to whisper something into his ear.

He thought that he was mad, I told it that I commanded it to leave and he had no more problems with this ghost anymore. My parents lived in a house in leeds and when they had me they noticed a ghost in the house. My mother strongly believes ghosts are there for good but some need to be told the boundries.

Or saying the words in the bible. And ON his words. There is a difference between on and in. To believe is one thingn but to have faith ON something means something different. For example. You walk into a room, and see a chair. And you believe if you sit in the chair it will hold you, and hold your weight. When you actually sit on the chair. But if you read the whole book of James who was Christs brother He elaborates on Faith. And your St.

Christopher cannot help you. You have a genetic disease called Sin. Passed down from Adam. But Christ paid our Ransom with his precious blood. To cover our sin and cure us of death. Not earthwing death. But eternal death. Death is separation. On earth death is body seperating from spirit. Eternal death is seperation from Christ. The choice is yours choose him now and he will dwell with you now and forever. Or he will give you exactly what you ask for if you reject him on Earth he will let you have your way and seperation from him for eternity. But he does not want that for you.

He offers a free gift of grace, mercy, and forgivness.

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All you have to do is ask, but most of all ask with a sincere, humble heart. I hope this helps. Wish someone would have told this to ME 15 years ago. Hi there , listen I have a 14 year old and he is having some issues also, I have had problems with ghost since I was a kid and it kills me that my kids are also experiencing it, but it bugs my one son the most, he is the weakest , I believe we have more than one ghost, he hears scratching and nail tapping on the walls on his bed , the hall way lights turn on an off in the middle if the night, a little boy ha spoke to him a couple times, and this same boy woke me up once , my son is so scared right now he was at school today and it whispered in his ear it said take the next exit what does this mean?

It is bugging me so bad,,, you need to have your parent buy you smudge okay have your mom light it and go through the whole house every corner the best she can.. People have literally died of stress aka heart attacks… Relax… there is literally nothing. Unless you practice evil or sin or satan..

I can help u there i a. Indian live in curacao i have problem whit ghost 2 i figth back. With everything you got let it know your going to consume the fuck out of it. Your spirit is much stronger and throw the feeling of enjoying consuming the fuck out of it no matter how scary your the scariest mother fucker ever to exist. I fill like some one is watching me and some times i can smell fire but there is no fire what do i do. I smell cigarette smoke …not all the time but only in my house. Noone smokes here or even anywhere near here. I was hearing banging on the front door, crashes in the garage, and conversations sort of muted.

I went to see a neurologist finally…he thought the smelling of the smoke is suspicious of seizures. Once your done you will realize He is God and demons are fearful of His name. Now the Holy Spirit, He will help you and bring you peace and all authority over demonic spirits and commanding it to leave. Then ask God if any objects in the house that me be attached to a spirit. Open the door command all demonic spirits to leave and never to return in Jesus Name. Last but important give God thanks for He is the reason we have a sword to fight back with…that is the Word of God…also the Bible..

Sally… I may be wrong but I think that is just light coming through the door as it passes floors. Could be more.. I spotted the bright light as well at It appears just before the two guys enter the lift so I think it is only the light from the illuminated button panel when the elevator reaches a floor reflecting of the elevator wall. Also if you read the comments someone has said this video is a promotional video made by GMP to show the risks of working late and is a fake. It is still very creepy though. Hi there. When my parents first moved into a house built on a former prisoner-of-war camp, I had a double room and my baby sister had a single room next door.

She could never settle to sleep in that room, and my mum moved me in there in the end, to keep her company. I never felt able to sleep properly in that room by myself either. The second time is actually in the flat I live in now. An elderly couple lived there before me, and the old lady passed away in what is now my spare room. It goes flying if I leave it out! Maybe she blew that build up with her own kinetic energy because she was angry at you…thus the push?

This is similar to when I first came into Fairfield Ca. In dealing with my belonginngs my property a c. Terrill T. I had two experiences, one more poltergeist than ghost when I was around It was a shade to a modern lamp but designed to look like an old fashioned oil lamp, so the shade sat in a metal ring, which was not tight in any way to cause any pressure. The shade was set aside in the bedroom, the door was shut and in full view of the living room area, no one went in prior to us hearing a noise. A short while later, despite no one drinking tea that day several cold tea bags appeared pushed into the plug hole of the kitchen sink, then as that was being investigated a noise came from the bathroom which was empty and when we look there were two egg cups sitting in the bath full of cold water set adjacent to each in a very precise way.

I was on holiday with my aunt for the school holidays and shortly after I went home, however they continued to experience similar such goings on until they eventually moved out of the apartment. The second experience was a one off, lying in bed with my partner, we suddenly both felt that we were being watched by a very maleovalent presence, which was located above and in front of us. Nikki, please help me!!! There is no such thing as ghosts, spirits stuck inbetween the next life and this life?

Likewise, without definitive proof that ghosts or any other paranormal phenomena for that matter exist, the wise default position is to hold that they do not. This nigga is stupid. You one of those niggas that have to see to believe. Well nigga have you ever seen a trillion dollars before?

Better start praying to god nigga. End up darker then me and Darth Vader fool. Go ahead nigga keep walking till you die in this dessert. Selfish ass nigga. God have mercy on this lost cause. This mistake. This devil. May he see the light. Okay nigga you good. So there you go. God bless bitch. My love of years developed cancer a few months ago,and went downhill fast. She was in so much pain, and was tired of fighting anymore.

I was named in her living will, but for her last few days all they were giving her was mostly comfort aids- pain meds, oxegen, fluid replacement and an antibiotic. I told her that she would have to tell her body to let her spirit go. She woke again at about pm and again told me she wanted to leave, so after calling the nurses, I asked Marilyn if she wanted us to stop the oxegen, and she nodded yes.

I asked my love if she wanted nothing but the pain IV and she said yes, so i had the nurse stop the fluid and the antibiotic IV. Marilyn asked me to lie beside her, so we moved her over on the hospital bed, and I lied down next to her. As her breaths became more struggled and wet sounding, I held her hand, kissed her often,and comforted her. I told her of the great place she was going to, where there was no pain, no anger, only peace and love. I talked about her finding her departed sister waiting for her with open arms, and she was excited at that.

I told her that i figured they would first give each other a huge hug and then go flying all over the place.. Her eyes were large and just wandering around the room, not really focusing on anything. Trust me…I was freaked out and so scared myself that i couldnt even breathe for a few seconds. I couldnt see anything, but was certain she could. She kept rapidly glancing at the same places, and i asked her what she saw. And this scared me, because for every good thing there is a bad thing.

I told her that Heaven might not look like we think it does, and might even look scary, but was still Heaven. I told her to really concentrate to see Bonnie waiting at Heaven, and she began staring at one spot. I asked her, Can you see Bonnie now? She turned and stared into my eyes with a questioning look, and i told her, I love you, but i have to let you go now…we will be together again…now go. She kept looking into my eyes, her breathing got better, and in 15 or so seconds she was free of her pain.

We had planned to be together for the next 30 or so years, and often said that whoever went first would give the other a sign if we could that we had made it. After a while I walked outside and stared into the starry night, still talking to Marilyn. I told her, you won dear…you are free of your pain and in Heaven.

I asked her if she had met Bonnie yet, and stareing at the stars, wondered where they were right now. At that moment, two geese flew over, hight in the sky and right where i was looking, the town lights highlighting their wings. They were flying very close together and side by side, and were the only geese in the sky. Kevin, My father had several strokes in a 24 hour period. He was fully coherient and knew he was not well. My uncle took him to the hospital where they inturn medihelicoptered him to a near by medical facility to deal with the illness he was experiencing.

When I found out about him having the strokes I proceeded to drive to the state he was in. I took my two sons, one 13 one 3. We arrived 21 hrs later. I walked to his room where all my aunts and uncles were standing outside. They said not to expect him to recognize you, for he was very ill. My sister too was there. My two sons walked into the room I followed close behind. My father turned his head slightly toward the door and began to become visibly aware that my sons where there.

My father had never met my youngest son however. This struck me like lightening. I could barely feel my legs. As they entered further into the room my dad made a sound as if he was calling them to the bedside. He lifted his arm out to them. Of course the one side was paralyzed so only one arm came to wrap around my oldest son, then he reached down to my 3 yr old and my father began to cry. He never cried.

It was hard to remain calm and make sure not to upset my father more. I knew my father was on his last chapter of life. They said he never wanted to live that way and this was awful what we were doing. I went to my father and asked him to let me know what he wanted. I asked, did he want us to let him go and not try to keep him alive, My two sons walked into the room I followed close behind.

I asked, did he want us to let him go and not try to keep him alive, he looked at me like I was crazy! He began to get hysterical and try to get out of bed. I asked him dad blink once if you want me to leave you and let nature take its course, blink twice if you want me to fight for you. He blinked over and over again in two time groups. He then looked at me as if asking did you get that. I said I understand dad. We are putting in lung tubes and feeding tubes. He looked relieved. Later that week during one of my daily visits, I saw my father looking around the room with fear, he acted as if he was trapped and had no way out of whatever was happening.

I walked in and asked him if he was ok. He looked at two places in the room, one directly behind me and would draw back as if in complete terror. The other was one of complete sadness. He would weep and make a gesture with his fingers as if counting to three. Holding up each finger till the count of three. I have two siblings so I asked him if that was what he was saying, he would get angry and shake his hand and do the counting all over again. I still to this day have no idea what he was saying.

This haunts me. What was I missing? My father became a little better, I was called back home with the threat of losing my job. So I left my father…I knew it would be the last time I would see him. I would reassure him it would reunite him with his brothers, father, and mother.

He would cry and look over my shoulder. I knew what that was behind me…I knew. I also knew what was in front of him. His family waited, although they did not look like they did when they were here, and this scared him too, But the one behind me was absolutely awful.

As if a reaper for lack of a better term. I left, my father lived 30 days exactly. The day I received the call of his passing, the doctor told me while visiting my father that morning, my dad took out his tubes, with each the doctor explained to my dad that he would not make it if he removed them and it would be very painful to reinsert them. I father raised his hand up and waved off the comments as if to say I am done. My father was gone. I knew he had finally realized heaven was infinitely better than what was here.

He died 6 months after my step mother passed. Now the oddest thing. My mother had a stroke 30 days prior to my father having his. My mother and father had been divorced for many years. I believe my father has returned many times. We laughed and made it out to be a coincidence but in the back of our minds we knew.

One day me and my whole family five kids and three God children came home thru my front door and each of us stopped on the stairs, looking into my dining room…there stood my father, cowboy hat and all. We all just froze. My God children had never seen my father so they only knew there was a strange man standing there. Then he was gone. This has happened a couple of times but always my dining room. Mind you my dad had never been to our new home. My brother, ten years my senior, would cry that a strange man in what my mother guessed was a night cap from the description, would look around the door at him.

It frightened the little boy deeply. Cut to ten years later, I am now a two year old using the same room he once had. My brother is away at boarding school almost all the time. I was a part time security guard at the time and my employer got the contract for the night shift. My job was to patrol the building site and part built brick shell of the new building,I had with me was a very large Alsation dog that was not affraid of man or beast.

That dog would go anywhere except for one room, the dog would not enter it for any reason at all he would just cower and pull away from it. The room itself was just a bare shell of four brick walls no doors on not even plastered. I later found out that this room was going to be the vivisection lab. A few years ago I was made redundant at the age of 54 and of course my wife was very upset, as at that age it would have been difficult to replace my managerial position with a similar position.

A man was bent over my wife looking closely at her face. Almost immediately the top of the head elongated into the wall and was followed by the rest of the body and legs. I thought I was dreaming so I gave myself a little slap and decided to get up and go to the toilet. My movement coming back into the bedroom woke my wife and I told her of the incident. In the morning my wife confirmed that I had been to the toilet during the night and told her my tale. Maybe God is giving you a wakeup call.

You lost your job, stress and no out let. I pray and I still have stress, but I give my worries to God and he has always been there to take control of everything, and he does. I will pray for you to get a job and to open your heart to God to release your stress. Seeing your father-in-law after his death must mean something, he is probably worried about his daughter and if she is athiest also, he wants her to change so her soul can go to Heaven.

God Bless you and your family and your father in law. I was about 10 when this happened. I was sitting at home, watching TV. It was about 9pm at night. I was just watching TV by myself, no one else at home when I heard a knocking at the door. I went to answer it and there was the figure of my friend that had died the day before. I thought I was dreaming so I closed the door.

Katie that does seem very weird. But I agree with Jay hates debunkers. Ghost do seem to do that. Next time,or if, it happens again just let the ghost in and find out what it wants. If you invite it in you will be asking for trouble… if you want to know what it wants, ask it at the door. But I would strongly advise you to command it to leave you alone instead. Hay yeah I know what you are saying I see my best friend all most every day and dream of him every night like he was here and he pass away 10 years ago he makes out like he is living life and not gone.

In a cousin of mine who I was close too was killed in a car crash he was On the day of his funeral my watch stopped at pm as the car aproached his house, when I arrived home my bedroom clock had stopped at the same time. The night before he died I felt something was going to happen that night but never thought it would have been anything like that. My ex sister in law reckoned she had a poltergeist, an assertion which I treated with some skepticism, although I consider her a reliable and honest person.

When having dinner there, a salad bowl flew around 2ft off a shelf in my peripheral vision and landed on the floor. Nobody was within around 8ft of it at the time. Had it just toppled off through overbalancing, it would have landed on the hi fi, which it had missed altogether, so it had been propelled with some force. Looking at the shelf, you could see its movement tracked in the dust with no markings other than the track it left to suggest mechanical interference. The shelf was level and secure and not wobbly in any way. On a later occasion, we were on the patio with a picnic table behind us.

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On it was a heavy glass tumbler of water her young child had been drinking. We were startled by a loud smash behind us, and turned round immediately. Her daughter had been around 20 yards away in front of us, and no cats or other animals were in the vicinity. The glass had come off the perfectly level table and was lying next to it, smashed into a large number of pieces. The events my ex sister in law described which I did not myself witness, but were also experienced by her husband were all similar, involving items moving apparently of their own accord, often some considerable distance, and unexplained knocking and banging within walls and ceiling spaces.

I was filming real orbs a couple of yrs ago and I was showing them to my brother, who I have not seen for 8 yrs, when he said to me who is that man standing by the front door? I have been asked by a veteran from theb BBC to get it sent to him for further investigation.

My camcorder picked up a very odd sound in December last year. During the 40 years I lived in Walsingham,in Norfolk, my family and several friends saw the ghosts of identifiable dead people. One in particular appeared regularly to my daughter, and a femail cousin, and was also seen by another family.

Other ghostly manifestations seen by friends were the spirits of long dead monks. Though we were never able to take photos of these, there were too many matching descriptions for it to be dismissed as imagination, and I firmly believe that ghost really do exist. I have had creepy experiences but nothing that could not, in the end be explained by other means than the supernatural. A question that puzzles me is, if a supernatural agency cannot be seen by the naked eye in real time, why would it choose silver halide film or digital electronics circuitry to reveal itself?

The problem with ghostly photographs is that since Photoshop came along it is all too easy to fake anything at all. The hardest media to fake is polaroid. Its posible spirits can project themselves in mirrors quite easy. That could be why they apear in pictures more then any other media, because cameras use mirrors to reflect images.

It is sheer western arrogance to state that ghosts do not exist. Why western? Because of all people throughout the world, we have lost the ability to see beyond our noses. I have been married to a Filipina and lived in the Philippines for many years. I have also spent a great deal of time in Bali. When you are among people who live with spirits it would take a grossly ignorant person to be able to firmly state ghosts do not exist.

I have lost the ability to actually see ghosts, but my wife and our son has not. We have a lady ghost in our house. Sometimes, while watching television, both my wife and son will simultaneously jump, while my two daughters and myself see nothing. Embarrassed, they will tell us the lady has just walked through the room. The strongest proof was when we holidayed in England.

We had booked for two nights into a hotel n Exeter. This happened to be a Georgian mansion converted into a hotel. Awaking in the morning, my wife was holding the sheet to just below her eyes and looking frightened. I knew something was wrong. She told me the story that during the night there was a knock at the door.

She awoke and the room was very cold and filled with a wonderful perfume. She was aware that at the end of the bed was a very beautiful woman in a white formal gown. She described her blonde hair. His hair commenced from the middle of his head and was in a bow-tied pony-tail. She described his black velvet breeches, white stockings to below the knee and no feet.

The couple held hands and slowly disappeared. She lay awake for the rest of the night, all attempts to wake me were wasted. My being English, her descriptions matched the Georgian period, something impossible for her to know. After breakfast, I noticed that there was a bar opposite reception. I enquired as to whether it contained paintings of the period, and was informed it did. The bar was locked, but the receptionist allowed me the key and I was pleased to see the wall was lined with old portraits.

Slowly, I conducted my wife to each one. We found one with a similar woman to that she had seen, but the dress was different. About half way around and she gave a gasp, and there was a portrait of a man whose hair commenced from half way, pulled backwards. We were to stay in the room another night, and I begged her that in the event of the same thing happening, she would do everything in her power to wake me.

Checking out the following morning, I jokingly said to not charge me extra for the ghosts. This was taken seriously and I was questioned by the manager and showed him the portrait.

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He then revealed that some years previously, the lady had also been seen by a staff member in a different room, but the man was new to him. He told me that he would then go to Exeter library to see what could be found out about the man, and asked me not to spread the story because ghosts were bad for business. Bad for business? Nice story, I too find it very sad how people dont have belief in anything anymore. I know many who can see ghosts, even though I never have, I do believe. I posted a few of my experiences a bit further down the page if you wish to read it.

The bathroom door was next to my room, but it was locked because my dad had a bad habit of forgetting to unlock it the other entrance to the bathroom was parents bedroom , so I had to walk around thought the hall and kitchen bad planning, whoever built that house. In the kitchen there was a shadow figure shaped like man, he seemed to be checking out some stuff left on the table.

Needless to say, I barely mad it to the toilet, lol. To begin with I am not one who willing to believe in something unless I have pretty solid evidence. I am a sensitive, but have never gone out looking for supernatural entities. Upon entering I had a sense that a woman had been thrown down a set of stairs just in front of me. This was odd, as there was a closet directly in front of me…No stairs in sight. Upon opening the closet door, we found There had indeed been a set of stairs there at one time, as the stair supports were still in place.

We walked upstairs, and upon walking toward a bedroom I had the sensation of a big knot in my stomach,my hands and neck started getting hot and sweaty. A very uncomfortable feeling enveloped me of someone not wanting me there. In the room ahead of us I saw as clear as day an older woman standing by the window looking out. She turned looked at me with such anger in her expression.

Later on I found out that the wife of the first owner of the house had been very possessive of the house, remaining there until her death, which was suspicious. According to her husband she had slipped and fallen down the stairs, breaking her neck in the fall. Just a few months before she had told her friends that she would always remain in the house, even after she died.

I had never had such an experience before or since. I would have tried standing up to the spirit, project equal energy back, and record EVP is possible. I grew up in Ireland in a farmhouse in Co. It was owned by a cattle breeder who ran the farm until about , afterwhich he went into retirement. There were rumours that the place was haunted. Relations form Germany who came to stay on several occasions reported that they felt a strong presence of some kind in one of the upstairs rooms.

On several occasions when footsteps made by heavy hobnailed boots on the gravel outside and somebody was heard entering the house through the back door which at the time was locked and all residents of the house were in bed. My first hand experience took place in , when I came home late one night and was just about to fall asleep when I heard someone coming up the stairs to my room, open the door and enter the room.

I sat up and enquired if there was anybody there only to find that there was nobody there. On another occasion I had gone to bed and was about to drop off when I heard heavy footsteps made by hobnailed boots of a kind no longer worn by anybody in the household at that time passing from the kitchen through the porch out the side door and proceed towards the farmyard. Next day I enquired from my parents whether anyone had gone over to the farmyard at approx. I was not the only one to experience things like this. I had several pals at school, in scouts etc. Yes, I grew up in a haunted house in Northern Illinois.

Along with my family experienced a number of odd unexplained events. Auditory footsteps, sightings of a man in a pinstripe suit from the waist up, was personally pushed across a bed 3 of us -one person not related but visiting — experienced this and we only just recently realized the correlations this past year , unaccountable singsong noise that would move thru the house when you searched for it, swirling mass of dark cloud, a bucket kicked across room at one point ghost had sense of humor , scratching on wall, recurring dreams of extra room in house, sense of not being alone, phone ringing and then handset tossed down a hall, and sounds of boxes moving in basement when there were no boxes to be moved around or anyone down there to do it.

And if you were to ask most members of my family, we all very much miss living in that house.