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Providing a case study in constituency building and public awareness raising to preserve and promote historic sites, Palmito Ranch will interest and educate heritage tourists, Civil War enthusiasts, and travelers to South Texas and the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Research Fellowship in Texas History. He is an adjunct associate professor of history and a media consultant who lives in Austin. Previously he served as military historian at the Texas Historical Commission. He resides in Kyle, Texas. Military History. Historical Archaeology of the U.

Banks in the West Stephen A. Christopher L. Miller, Russell K. It was here that the Union blockade was felt perhaps most keenly. And it was here where longstanding cross-border rivalries and shifting political fortunes on both sides of the river made for a constant undercurrent of intrigue. And yet, most accounts of this long and bloody conflict give short shrift to the complexities of the ethnic tensions, political maneuvering, and international diplomacy that vividly colored the Civil War in this region.

Now, Christopher L. Skowronek, and Roseann Bacha-Garza have woven together the history and archaeology of the Lower Rio Grande Valley into a densely illustrated travel guide featuring important historical and military sites of the Civil War period. Blue and Gray on the Border integrates the sites, colorful personalities, cross-border conflicts, and intriguing historical vignettes that outline the story of the Civil War along the TexasMexico border.

This resource-packed book will aid heritage travelers, students, and history buffs in their discovery of the rich history of the Civil War in the Rio Grande Valley. He resides in McAllen, Texas. She resides in McAllen, Texas. Civil War. Alexander and Dan K. The previously untold story of an early Texas literary lion and the scandal he left in his wake.

During much of his brief and troubled life, Victor Marion Rose was a walking anomaly. The scion of a venerable Texas farming and ranching family, he was widely reported to be unable to distinguish one horse from another. His florid poetry often celebrated the feminine mystique and ideal as he considered it, yet he was infamously unfaithful and sometimes abusive in his relationships with women.

He built a respected reputation as a journalist and historian, and at the same time, he struggled with alcoholism and bouts of deep depression. Born in as the third of thirteen children of a wealthy Victoria, Texas, planter, Victor Marion Rose served as publisher and editor of the Victoria Advocate from to before moving to Laredo—reportedly due to a scandalous love affair— where he edited the Laredo Times.

He also wrote volumes of poetry and published several histories of South Texas and the biography of Gen. Ben McCulloch. Rose ultimately succumbed to pneumonia in February Louise S. Wild Rose provides an intimate portrait of a complicated individual who, despite his frequently unsuccessful struggles with his demons, nevertheless left an important mark on Texas history and letters.

Her photographic portraits of African American cowboys of the Coastal Bend region have been exhibited at the Briscoe Center for American History and other museums. Johnson wanted a place where he could be biggest and always right, and the ranch was—and during his five-year presidency became even more so—that place. Rothman does a nice job of explaining the politics of place, as well as describing the appeal of life on the LBJ Ranch. He served as editor of the journal Environmental History and wrote many books and articles on western and environmental history.

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American History. Dan Moody, a twenty-nine-year-old Texas district attorney, demonstrated that Klansmen could be punished for taking the law into their own hands. She has published articles in Texas Monthly, Smithsonian, and Cosmopolitan. African American Studies, Texas. Political Science. James Burr Harrison Macrae Pecos River style pictographs are one of the most complex forms of rock art worldwide. The dramatic prehistoric pictographs on the limestone overhangs of the lower Pecos and Devils Rivers in West Texas have been the subject of preservation and study since the s, and dedicated research continues to this day.

Creating large-scale rock murals required intelligence, skill, and knowledge. These enigmatic images, some dating to 4, years ago and possibly earlier, depict strange, vaguely human and animal shapes and various geometric forms. While full understanding of the meaning of these images is abstruse, archaeologists and other scholars have identified what they believe to be patterns and religious themes, mixed with what could be figures and objects from everyday life in the local huntergatherer culture as it existed in the region centuries before the arrival of colonizing Europeans.

Social Sciences. What if we cannot recognize it because we are trained not to? In playfully pessimistic and thought-provoking essays, author Andrew McMurry explores a vital but fundamentally perverse human practice: destroying our planet while imagining we are not. How are humans able to do this?

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Entertaining Futility: Despair and Hope in the Time of Climate Change investigates the discourses of hope, progress, and optimism in the era of climate change, concepts that, McMurry argues, are polite names for blind faith, greed, and wishful thinking. McMurry believes human culture relies on a full suite of rhetorical tricks to distract us from our own demise. He investigates the role language, discourse, media, and technology play in shaping perceptions and misperceptions of our complex environmental crises.

Instead, McMurry encourages readers to examine their own deeply held beliefs about the environment and the future and to look more closely at where those beliefs originate. By pulling back the curtain, he reveals the rhetorical and cultural ruses that distract us from the reality of our environmental crises. He lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Popular Culture. Inside this dirty, cavernous warehouse, a new generation of Houston artists discovered their identities and began to flourish.

The exhibition capped an era of intensive artistic development and suggested that the city was about to be recognized, along with New York and Los Angeles, as a major center for art-making activity. Drawing upon primary archival materials, contemporary newspaper and magazine accounts, and over sixty interviews with significant figures, Gershon presents a narrative that preserves and interweaves the stories and insights of those who transformed the Houston art scene into the vibrant community that it is today. William E. Reaves and Linda J. These works comprise the Frank H.

Since then, the collection—which continues to be linked to artists published by the Press—has grown to house more than one hundred paintings, photographs, and illustrations. Among the noted artists featured in the collection are E. They live in Houston. Edgar B. Reaves Jr. Edited by Andrew Sansom and William E. To honor and his passion for American material on, established the David B.

Warren Symposium, Volume 5. The 6th Biennial David B. At the fifth biennial David B. Warren Symposium, seven scholars examined contributions made by women to the material culture of nineteenthcentury Texas, the Lower South, and the Southwest. In this volume, Mel Buchanan shares insights about the woman behind the furnishing of an important antebellum parlor. Whitney Stuart discusses Reconstruction-era African American material culture as expressed by women in their new free homes. Katherine J. Adams provides interpretive analysis of quilts from Texas and the Lower South.

The paper on sunbonnets by Rebecca Jumper Matheson provides a unique window into nineteenth-century Texas. The publication concludes with an essay by Lauren Clark focused on decorative memorial works woven of hair. At the sixth biennial David B. Warren Symposium, five scholars examined the theme of change and continuity in nineteenth-century Texas, the Lower South, and the Southwest.

The resulting papers are published in this volume. Extensively illustrated and footnoted, they contribute important new scholarship to the field of American material culture. Serena Newmark provides an intriguing international link to Texas material culture, proposing a connection between Central European furniture traditions and the objects made by immigrants from those areas to Texas. Bruce Shackelford offers another international connection in his paper, discussing the impact of the Hispanic tradition on ranching and cowboy culture in Texas.

Central Texas Studies highlights some of the most recent and authoritative research in Central Texas history. Central Texas Studies also includes book reviews and other information of interest. Articles are subject to a double-blind, peer-review process. The purpose of the Central Texas Historical Association is to encourage the appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the rich and unique history of Central Texas, and by example and through educational and scholarly programs foster and promote research, preservation, and publication of historical materials affecting the greater Central Texas region.

The delineating of such space is vital, now more than ever, in a country in which the intersections of who we are deem us expendable. The holding of space for our youth to think, create, write out their truths, ensures a generation of empowered, well-articulated changemakers. This anthology holds in it the textual manifestations of these spirits. Barrio Writers are balm for our souls that fear and reject a future full of lies and morally bankrupt leaders. I give thanks! The poems in Barrio Writers are machetes and sirens and whole trees of who young people are, how they see this world we are in, what matters in their eyes.

And in each of these poems, there is a call to others like them that none of us has to trek this journey alone. This is the first general history of San Antonio, Texas, the seventh largest city in the nation. Site of some of the most violent struggles between warring empires and people—historians believe San Antonio may be the most fought-over city in U. This study weaves together a series of environmental, social, political, and cultural pressures that have shaped life in the Alamo City over the last three centuries.

Residents have long fought to protect and utilize water and other resources even as they have struggled to achieve equal rights and build a more open and democratic society. Activists from all sectors of this multicultural city have believed deeply in its promise even though they have had to push hard to secure and expand its potential. Their efforts were every bit as intense in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as they have been in the twenty-first.

The consequences of four years of warfare in Europe reverberated throughout the world, leaving few places untouched. Even though it was far from the scenes of conflict, Texas was forever changed, as historian Gregory W. Ball details in Texas and World War I. This accessible history recounts the ways in which the war affected Texas and Texans politically, socially, and economically. When thousands of Texas men were drafted into the U. BALL holds a Ph. Air Force. World War I. A History and a Guide Charles M.

The Art of Texas: Years tells this story, beginning with key Spanish colonial paintings related to Texas and moving through two and a half centuries of art in Texas. By the twentieth century, most Texas artists had received formal training and produced work in styles similar to European and other American artists. The relief that followed World War II brought a new exuberance to the Texas scene, for the first time a majorityurban state.

Artists responded with modernist styles rather than the sweeping landscapes and farm scenes of previous generations. Written by noted scholars, art historians, and curators, it is the first attempt to analyze and characterize Texas art on such a grand scale. He was the editor-in-chief of The New Handbook of Texas 6 vols. He has published a number of works in the areas of American, Western American, Texan, and Mexican art and history.

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Started in by Amon G. Like everyone on that early Channel 5 staff, Wygant pitched in to do a little of everything—writing copy, performing live on-air skits, presenting commercials—but she soon became known for the way she connected with celebrities. In a career spanning seven decades, Wygant has interviewed literally thousands of the most notable entertainers and celebrities since the s—from Bob Hope, Jane Fonda, and Denzel Washington to Meryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Matt Damon.

A few months later, during their debut tour of the US, she interviewed the Beatles. This engaging and informative volume includes more than three hundred photographs of her favorite celebrity encounters. In , Wygant was inducted into the elite Gold Circle of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for her fifty years of contributions to television broadcasting. Today, Wygant works at NBC as a freelance reporter.

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Written with a whole lot of heart, H is for Harvey provides children and families a greater understanding of this historic storm and a greater appreciation for human kindness as a whole. H is for Heroes. H is for Hashtags like Houstonstrong. Born in Wisconsin and raised in Kansas and Indiana, Julie graduated with a BA in journalism and advertising from Ball State University, where her passion for writing began.

He served in the US Army for sixteen years before earning his bachelor of fine arts from the Art Institute of Houston in He lives in Houston with his wife and three children. For more than twenty years—from until her death in —Maggie Smith served folks on both sides of the border as doctor, lawyer, midwife, herbalist, banker, self-appointed justice of the peace, and coroner. She was also an accomplished smuggler with a touch of romance as well as larceny in her heart. Once there was a place called Smeltertown, and it was known as the largest industrial city on the banks of the Rio Grande.

The smokestacks of the American Smelting and Refining Company, which polluted the air for three miles in every direction, grew so tall over the decades that they became a landmark just inside the El Paso side of the USMexico border. In a community of small adobe houses, many with dirt floors and without indoor plumbing, both the men employed at the smelter and the women who raised families and made homes there form the history of Smeltertown.

Capturing the rough individualism and warm character of Maggie Smith, author Bill Wright demonstrates why this remarkable frontier woman has become an indelible figure in the history of Texas. Through interviews with the women and their now middle-aged children, the realities of everyday life in Smeltertown are revealed—as is the strength of the women who forged a community and preserved a culture in these primitive conditions.

Current photographs of the interviewees and historical photographs of Smeltertown illustrate the history of an area not even native El Pasoans knew. For more than one hundred years, Jewish women and men of the Dallas area have responded to Tikkun Olam, the religious challenge to heal the world.

Through education, community service, advocacy, and collaboration, members work to address the needs of all peoples and faiths within the community. Advocacy efforts aim to correct the root causes of current social problems. Leaders dare to have a vision of what is possible.

The initial manuscript was written by Harriet P. Gross, a writer and columnist, with editing by Marlene A. Cohen, Bette W. Miller, and Rose Marie Stromberg. In the first, after an event at Vanderbilt University featuring Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael, Allen Ginsberg, and Strom Thurmond, riots broke out in North Nashville, and that part of town burst into flame— as did self-satisfied notions about civil order and structure in Nashville and the South.

The next April, after the assassination of Dr. King in Memphis, Nashville riots took place again, and fire claimed its function. Nashville Burning presents characters caught up in those events and that time— events ranging from the thoughtful and sincerely well-meaning to the truly felonious and certifiably insane. The novel is humorous, yet serious. Its fire is literal and emotional, and it is not to be stoked. A member of the Texas Institute of Letters, Duff has published twenty books.

Literary Novel. David R. His war was not in Vietnam; it was a secret one in the skies of a neighboring country almost unknown in America, attacking the Ho Chi Minh Trail that fed soldiers and supplies from North Vietnam into the South. Stateside he learned the art of flying the F-4, but in combat, the bomb-loaded fighter handled differently, targets shot back, and people suffered.

Inert training ordnance was replaced by lethal weapons. In the air, a routine day mission turned into an unexpected duel with a deadly adversary. Complacency during a long night mission escorting a gunship almost led to death.

David Cameron rejects peers' call to admit more refugee children

These were well defended by a skillful, elusive, determined enemy firing back with 37mm anti-aircraft fire and tracers in the sky. The man who came back missions later was much different. He served overseas in Korea and Germany, and flew two tours in the Vietnam War. The Phantom Vietnam War will be the standard against which other memoirs are measured—Honodel is one hell of a good pilot and a great storyteller.

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Vietnam War. Army Air Forces. Only 19 years old when he completed his 28th and last mission, Tom was one of the youngest bomber pilots to serve in the U. David L. Snead has edited the memoir and provided annotations and corroboration for the various missions. World War II. He lives in Dallas, Texas. The overwhelming majority of reminiscences by bomber aircrew are about 8th Air Force, so this work is refreshing. It is very readable, engaging, and educational. Ehlers Jr. Davis Edited by David L. Ben Thompson was a remarkable man, and few Texans can claim to have crowded more excitement, danger, drama, and tragedy into their lives than he did.

He was an Indian fighter, Texas Ranger, Confederate cavalryman, mercenary for a foreign emperor, hired gun for a railroad, an elected lawman, professional gambler, and the victor of numerous gunfights. Some of these men called him a friend; others considered him a deadly enemy. Number Twenty: A. Greene Series. His research and articles have appeared in various periodicals including True West and Wild West.


He lives in Luling, Texas. His job choice caused him to circulate in the duplicitous underworld of dishonesty and criminality where twisted selfinterest overrode compliance with societal norms. His biography is packed with true-crime calamities: double murders, single murders, negligent homicides, suicides, jailbreaks, manhunts, armed robberies and home invasions, kidnappings, public corruption, sexual assaults, illicit gambling, car-theft rings, dope smuggling, and arms trafficking. Number Seventeen: Frances B. Vick Series. He lives in Maypearl, Texas.

(TERRIBLE TURK) Tall Armenian Tale: The Other Side of the Falsified Genocide

Bob Alexander personally interviewed Jack Dean, a renowned Texas lawman who wore a badge for forty-three years. These conversations form the core of a well-researched and fascinating account of Lone Star justice from the mid-twentieth century into the new millennium.

Ivey, author of The Ranger Ideal, Volumes 1 and 2. Texas Rangers. The story of Margaret Hamilton, the actress who played the Wicked Witch of the West, parallels the coming of age of a crossdressing boy whose crisis of identity is tied to The Wizard of Oz. Many struggle to find what Dorothy and her entourage searched for: the wisdom to trust or discount their faith; the ability of the emotionally detached to love; the courage to speak up for oneself; a place to belong. Collection of Short Fiction. Established in Waco in , the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum honors the iconic Texas Rangers, a service that has existed, in one form or another, since They have become legendary symbols of Texas and the American West.

Ivey presents the twelve inductees who served Texas in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Ivey begins with John B. Jones, who directed his Rangers from state troops to professional lawmen; then covers Leander H. McNelly, John B. Armstrong, James B. Ivey concludes with James A. Brooks, William J. McDonald, John R. Hughes, and John H. The Ranger Ideal presents the true stories of these intrepid men who fought to tame a land with gallantry, grit, and guns.

From through East Texas was wracked by murderous violence between Regulator and Moderator factions. More than thirty men were killed in assassinations, lynchings, ambushes, street fights, and pitched battles. The sheriff of Harrison County was murdered, and so was the founder of Marshall, as well as a former district judge. Only the personal intervention of President Sam Houston and an invasion of the militia of the Republic of Texas halted the bloodletting. The Regulator-Moderator War was the first and largest of the many blood feuds of Texas.

He is retired from teaching at Panola College. The ten chapters in this collection place music use in in historical perspective before examining musical messaging, strategy, and parody. The book ultimately explores causality: how do music and musicians affect presidential elections, and how do politicians and campaigns affect music and musicians? The authors explain this interaction from various perspectives, with methodological approaches from several fields, including political science, legal studies, musicology, cultural studies, rhetorical studies, and communications and journalism.

These chapters will help the reader understand music in the election to realize how music will be relevant in and beyond. It was popularized as folklore in J. One hundred and fifty years later, a descendant of one of those four men set out to discover the history behind the legend. This book recounts that search, from the founding of the ill-fated mission on the San Saba River up to the last attempt, in , to find the treasure in this particular legend. It describes Jim Bowie, a fake treasure map industry, murder trials, a rattlesnake dancer, fortunes lost, a very long Texas cave, and surprising twists to the story popularized by Dobie.

The book will not lead anyone to the legendary tenthousand pounds of silver, but it will open a treasure trove of Texas history and the unique characters who hunted the fabulous riches. ERIC T. He currently resides in Kentucky with his wife and three children. Presidential Studies. Texas Folklore. Van Straten traveled extensively and interacted with military officers and noncommissioned officers, peasant-class farmers, Buddhist bonzes, shopkeepers, scribes, physicians, nurses, the mentally ill, and even political operatives.

He sent his wife daily letters from July through June , describing in impressive detail his experiences, and those letters became the primary source for his memoir. The reader can easily apply the observations from 50 years ago to very similar circumstances today. He and his spouse now reside in Windcrest, Texas. Chapter topics include voir dire, opening statement, preparing witnesses, cross examination, using exhibits, closing argument, jury research, and more.

Q&A - Contentment, Purpose, & Lustful Thoughts

Haj Ross is an almost completely unpublished poet, and a completely amateur artist. However, since around , when he discovered blending colors with artist markers, he has done more painting than poeming. In this book, he has tried to let these two of his art forms talk to, and look like, each other. The journal features articles on all facets of Schenkerian thought, including theory, analysis, pedagogy, and historical aspects. Employing short, episodic chapters, it explores the twenty-five years between and Extraordinary figures like Stephen F.

Although Dr. His book Texian Iliad won the T. Fehrenbach Book Award and the Summerfield G. Roberts Award. Mexican American Studies, Texas. He created his own legend by becoming a fashion authority without parallel, an unerring arbiter of taste, a marketing genius, and a ham-like showman in the mold of Phineas T.

His unique talents transformed Neiman Marcus from a Dallas specialty store into a glittering internationally-known and respected retail institution. Thomas E. Humorous anecdotes clearly illustrate that there was much more to Stanley Marcus than was ever seen by the public eye. He is the author of numerous books on Texas history. He resides in Kerrville, Texas. Chelsea Catherine Blindsided follows Eli as she leads Carla, a local real estate agent, through an election for Key West city mayor. At first, the campaign process appears easy.

Despite their differences, the two women work well together. But as time progresses, they face countless obstacles: the Bubba system in the Keys, discrimination from both supporting and opposing forces, and their rapidly intensifying relationship. She worked for three months in Central and South America as a teenager where she learned how to speak Spanish and how to make chocolate. She has been writing since she was eight years old. This novel proves that out. I found myself thinking about it long after finishing it, and I felt the characters were compelling, although not particularly likeable and believable, although not particularly redeemable.

This short story collection offers snapshots of a life. Just how they are. Get used to it. Hunkered in the dark listening. In the next room, bubbling a bottle with a drinking buddy, his Old Man telling tales of roadhouse glory. Bad odds fist fights, rearranged faces that stay that way. For weeks he wakes afraid to touch his face. Will his nose, ears and eyes have shifted places while he slept, his face forever scrambled, rearranged?

Riots and war. The fights, the violence no longer just yarns heard late at night. Drafted at eighteen, he has to decide, will he go halfway round the world to kill people he has no earthly quarrel with? Considers conscientious objection. His girlfriend bluntly asks him when he became a pacifist. Teaching in a tiny mountain town. Hit your quota or hit the road. Logic of a kiss, that sprung free promise of what life can be, the one constant throughout. A better way glimpsed, lost and found, here and gone. The pieces in this collection range in setting from the small towns of New England to the deserts of the Southwest.

Grounded in personal experience these essays ask through narrative what it means to be a rebel girl, a rebel teenager, and a rebel woman in a world that seems to offer no real alternative to traditional roles. Infused with lyrical and figurative language, this collection combines the swiftness of the prose poem with the power of the personal essay resulting in writing that pulls the ground out from under the reader again and again.

The collection is organized chronologically in a way that charts the development of a woman as she attempts to adapt to the world around her through stories of love, heartbreak, and adventure. The essays travel with the narrator from a summer camp in Maine, to opal mining in Nevada, to the story of a deadly thunderstorm in Vermont, to hunting for ginseng, asking the questions about belonging, expectation and, ultimately, if there is a chance for real happiness.

The lyricism of the whole collection is its sustaining quality. There are no banalities or purple prose here. It seems fresh and original. Murawski is a master of consummate poetic craft, as comfortable in handling the rigors of formal poetry as she is the subtle demands of distinguished free verse.

The poems of this remarkable collection sparkle with biblical and musical allusion, and timely references to a litany of literary and historical personages: from Chekhov to Cromwell; Hamlet to Mahler; and Sappho to Keats. A native of Chicago, she currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia. One Light is a book about a Georgia mother and a daughter who must each take a turn at caregiving. In the first half of the book, the daughter tells of surviving near-fatal burns at age fourteen, and describes with stark straightforwardness the healing process, during which her mother serves as one of her primary caregivers.

Their shared love of singing and a stubborn tenacity serve as thematic threads. She is also the author of five collections of poetry. She lives with her family on an old farm in north Georgia, and works as an English literacy instructor at Lanier Technical College. Her widely followed blog, www. She explores how our losses weigh on us, and how we shoulder and carry them through our lives. These poems are also about return: to a South that is the landscape of childhood, an Eden that exists only in memory and in dreams.

Describing an arc from childhood to middle age, the poems confront the brutality of everyday existence, from suicide to domestic violence to murder, but also celebrate how we reach for hope, so elusive and so necessary. She now lives, writes and occasionally practices law in Flagstaff, Arizona. They dug the earth daily, with deep conviction that they would play an important role in the transformation of rural China.

He lives and writes in the Mississippi Delta. Their voices are shall indeed survive. The poems in of who young people their eyes. To wield heir truth, their call back of these poems, there is s journey alone. These readings are extraordinary because, together, the prose and poetry collected here by these bright young writers capture, almost all at once, what their lives are truly about, how their lives have been challenged, and yet, most importantly, how these youth almost always manage to triumph, through the very act of writing. The tough insights into their lives these writings bring come to us because of the profound understanding these youth have of how fragile their lives can be when the environments surrounding them fail to protect them and those they love.

Interspersed throughout this volume are valuable writing prompts other young writers like those collected here can use to develop their own literacy and literary skills. Barrio Writers 9th Edition delivers powerful and exemplary poetic and prosaic testaments which should inspire others to tell of their lives in as impressive a style as found in this new volume—impressive because of their daring to write their way onto triumphant higher ground without ever leaving behind their cultural homes.

Mexican American Studies. Set in southwestern Pennsylvania, Burning Under is a cerebral literary thriller that centers around a deadly coalmine explosion. A polyphonic narrative, the point of view shifts between three people whose lives are shaken by the disaster. Denise, a young nurse, tries to escape her troubled marriage by taking a job at a Pittsburgh hospital. Assisted by his girlfriend, a Pittsburgh journalist, Simon digs around and uncovers a trail of evidence and a massive cover-up engineered by the CEO, George Blount.

Linked by a common desire to expose the company, Simon, Larry, and Denise form an alliance; but George will do anything to conceal the truth and exact revenge, provoking a violent end. The ambitious goal of author Bryan Jones was to create a fresh understanding of the Nebraska Sand Hills from the inside. Surely he has done that, and more. He reflects with almost unbearable poignancy on war and its consequences, and with fierce advocacy on two beloved Nebraska poets. He lives somewhere in the American West with his wife Kathy. When Col.

Benjamin Wettermark emptied the bank and skipped town in , he left his wife, his children and his mansion behind. Saving the Oldest Town in Texas looks at the banker, the house designed by the best architect in Nacogdoches and the impact Col. Over a hundred years later, Peggy Jensen wonders if she is brave enough to renovate a home that seems too far gone. She could almost say the same thing about herself. Her daughter talked her into moving to the Oldest Town in Texas, and Peggy wants to renovate a historic home.

It is just her luck to fall in love with a deteriorating scandal-ridden mansion. The chapters alternate between the current day struggle to renovate the mansion and the turn-ofthe century story of Col. Wettermark, his wife Daisy and his children. Austin State University. She currently lives in Longmont, Colorado with her husband. Literary Nonfiction November. The collection itself is divided into four distinct sections that each deal with their own humanitarian concern: returning home and the nostalgia that finds you; the downfall and heartbreak of humanity; hard, unspoken questions about society; and the wake of heartbreak left behind by the suicide of a close friend.

Despite this raw subject matter, Long manages to leave his readers with a hope that lingers like a flicker in the shadows. He has had considerable success in publishing poems in various literary journals for the last twenty years. Juxtaposing experience and intuition, Anderson challenges readers to find connections in the elusive and inexplicable.

The surprising presence of God, or the Mystery, or Something Other, lingers in our memory and our longing and our everyday lives. We have to see them. Remember them. And poetic language, the language of image, gets us closer to this wordlessness, and this joy, and this sorrow, than anything else. He and his wife, Barb, live on the edge of the university research forest north of Corvallis with their two dogs, Pip and Shy.

The notion that women can have it all—powerful careers and physical beauty—is a myth. Hillary, MadeUp provides an insightful view to this from the perspective of beauty products in an ode to Hillary Clinton. The beauty rituals that half of Americans take part in has never seen much poetry, but Marianne Kunkel delves into just that.

In addition to private collections, his work is also in the permanent collections of Cottonlandia Museum. These beautifully structured longer poems provide both the metaphysical and putative room to move. Candy Kross. Dex O'Donald. Love and Politics - The First Surprise. Cindel Sabante. Jack's Birthday Surprise. Dean Chills. Finding Out! John Derek. Roaring Waves. Rachel Real. Jane Goodhead. Swap Night. Violette Springs. Penny Discovers BBC 3. Sasha Vogue. A Night at the Wesley. Vallory Vance. Sera Mays.

Never Too Late. Chris Snow. Frozen Bananas. Hot Blonde. Darren G.

Table of contents

Francis Ashe. Silver and Gold. William Holden. The Billionaire's Bimbo. Lily Nibs. Portrait As A Lady. Britten Thorne. Double Duty. Jenna Powers. Interracial Erotica: The Webcam Affair. Briana Hullinger. Trial Run. SubS Haven. Memoirs of a Lioness. Syndy Light. The River. Virginia T. Secretary's Submission. Mistress Daria. BadGuy, GoodGirl Bundle. Tilly Thorne. Closing Time. Nicki Paige. Screwed By The Celebrity Chef! Ruined April. Sex Island 8. Arla Coopa. Game 6. Living Arrangements 3. The Supernatural Secrets Club: Abigail. Milk Therapy.

The Power of Lust: Story Friend's of Mine. Sex Island Bite Sized Arla: Stories Mermaid Milk. Demon Sex Group 8. Side Effects. Demon Sex Group 6. Sex Island. Living Arrangements. Augusta in the World: Story 1. Triple the Fun. Love Gun. Glow 8. Glad She Waited 3. Marker Sex Island 3. Supernatural Sex Clinic: Charla. In the Distance Sex Island 5. Triple the Fun 2. Glad She Waited. Demon Sex Group Demon Sex Group 4. Triple the Fun 3. Hypnotic Butt. Wicked Garden. Tranquility 6. Entering Female Freshmen: Stories Infested Skin Restitution 3.

Taken by a Ghost 3. Mirror Ghost. Voices Calling 3. More to Love 5. Kept Man 4. Infested Skin 7. Wives Gone Crazy: Stories Big Girl Poison Home Visit. Taken by a Ghost. The Power of Lust: Story 1. Dirty Talker. Degrading the Future 2.