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We rely on time tested and proven linkbuilding techniques to make sure that we build strong and various types of links that are there to stay and transfer link juice to your website to ensure that it moves up the ladder in SERPs within no time. Our experienced staff continues to innovate and come up with new opportunities and linkbuilding tactics to deliver maximum impact. We are always at guard and make sure that anything we do only takes you higher up the SERPs and not the other way around. We also understand the importance of quality linkbuilding and, therefore, we ensure that only our experienced team members take on the linkbuilding jobs and no inexperienced campaigners are allowed to work on them.

Different linkbuilding tactics are in practice currently for creating the most natural links to your business website and our experts know it all. Have a look on our SEO packages. We have packages for everyone. So, if all that sounds convincing, choose an appropriate package according to your needs and let us take the plunge for you!

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How to future proof your business and build links to your site the proper way

Keywords Density Checker. BOX , Victoria, Mahe. Why Link building? There are several types of structured data also known as Schema markup that SEOs can use, both of which give Google a quick rundown of what your page is about. That, in turn, helps it to rank better. Google is evolving — and so is its algorithm.

1. Optimize Your Site for Google RankBrain

We need to look at the context around them. The better you know them — their location, age, interests, etc. Not necessarily. People searching for it could fall into several categories:. Without knowing your target audience, you might end up creating content for all these topics. Instead of focusing on standalone keywords, organize all your content into different themes. Because keywords still matter. Marketers now face a struggle to find accurate search volume data with Google Ads hiding those results unless you run a PPC campaign.

However, there are a number of tricks and tools that can help marketers find topics and volume data, including:. Keyword Explorer by Moz. A one-stop shop from the SEO specialists at Moz, Keyword Explorer is a versatile, dynamic program that covers nearly every aspect of the keyword process.

With this tool, marketers can brainstorm keywords, build lists and filter them by topic.

SEO Link Building: Build Over 87 DA 50+ Links In 30 Days (100% safe)

You can also analyze metrics, click-through rates and other measures of effectiveness, as well as spy on and assess keywords used by your business rivals. Another great tool for SEO analysis, particularly where it concerns business intelligence, SEMrush allows you to identify and analyze the keywords that your competitors are using. Ahrefs offers a wide range of products, including backlink checkers, content explorers and position trackers. For our purposes, however, we will focus on their expansive, adaptable Keywords Explorer , which allows marketers to search nearly 3 trillion keywords in over countries, assessing metrics like keyword difficulty, click-through rates, related keyword lists and search volume.

When considering which keyword tools to use, look for something that allows you to monitor a high volume of keywords broken down by relevant themes.

30 SEO Experts Reveal Their Favorite Link Building Techniques

Additionally, the best tools must ensure that you can track all your competitors, from large corporations to small, up-and-coming firms. Rather than casting a too-wide net, focus on keywords and topics that are within your niche, ones that you can optimize for and be the authority on. Fill in these gaps and establish yourself as an expert in this smaller field before tackling larger and broader keywords where the competition is much fiercer.

As for keyword ideas themselves, Google offers an easy and cheap! This is a strong hint for developers to include these topics in their content, or to create pages to leverage these related images. A recent study by Backlinko concluded that the longer the content, the higher the likelihood of its ranking at the top of the SERPs:. Remember what we said about satisfying user intent?

People searching for that phrase are likely looking for a comprehensive guide to link-building strategies they can use to conquer Google. Struggling to find the motivation to write a long-form blog post? Instead of starting from nothing, take an existing page from 1, words to 2,, rather than going from 0 words to 2, words. Existing content already has authority and an established readership. Try to find pages that are ranking between positions on Google. These are ideal candidates for additional content that can increase their rankings. YouTube videos rank in the top 10 of Google search far more often than any other type of video.

And, according to Forbes, YouTube is also the second most popular search engine with more than 3 billion searches per month — surpassing Bing, Yahoo, and AOL combined. The filename, the title, the description of your uploaded content — all these elements affect your rankings in YouTube search.

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Another tactic is to use your keywords at the start of the title, then add a sub-header after a colon to drive clicks. Or as long as this example from James Stafford :. Bonus : Use a video transcription service to turn your YouTube video description into a script of your entire video. That way, YouTube has tons of information to work from when deciding where your content should rank! Like content, longer videos tend to do better in YouTube search.

Try it yourself. Type in a popular keyword or topic and see what shows up at the top of the page. As with written content, longer videos tend to get the most traction — but remember to think about user intent first. The majority of search engines use click-through rate as a ranking factor. Optimizing your video with a great thumbnail can help that. A strong thumbnail should tell viewers exactly what the video is about.

What has changed is the way you must build backlinks if you want good results. Low-quality links that are easily spammed — blog comments, paid links, etc.

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  • Links that are earned — through high-quality content , outreach and influencer marketing — on the other hand, are safe and extremely effective. But Google likes to make things tricky for us. The best way to prevent that from happening is to diversify your backlink profile. For every incredible link you build, create another five that are medium quality. Why would Google rank your site in position 1 if users are greeted with a ton of glitches? Ever visited a website and been greeted with an ugly error page like this? HTTPS is a best practice that will help your website boost its SEO presence, stay secure, and make it harder for malicious parties to break in and take advantage of your website.

    When the Atlantic, a highly-regarded, well-established media organization, decided to move to HTTPS in early , the transition was complex. First, content had to be scanned individually, then ported over and checked for compatibility. The process was repeated with ads, and once compatibility and security were ensured, the website slowly went live in order to guard against traffic loss and unforeseen errors. Follow this guide to make the switch on WordPress.

    AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages , began as a Google-backed open initiative to allow publishers to easily create responsive, mobile-optimized content. It takes information from website pages and displays them in an easy-to-view format for mobile devices :. Envisioned as a way to quickly render content on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, AMP combines three components :.

    Want to implement AMP to help cater to mobile searchers? We want to give search engines the best view of our website, right? To help Google understand your data, or to show your website smartcards and voice searches, you need to ensure that your semantic markups are correct. Semantic markups are essentially HTML tags which can help emphasize key information on your website. Just take heading tags, for instance.

    Link Building Fundamentals

    Nothing will sink your website faster in search rankings than a error. And nobody likes being stuck in a dead end — especially your audience. First of all, download your backlink profile using a tool like Monitor Backlinks. Backlinks that are pointing to a pesky error page will be highlighted, so sieve them out and head to your Google Analytics dashboard to find out how many page views the error page gets.

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    That could include:. Here are three huge SEO techniques to capture local people who could become your customers. These sources can include directory listings, which gather, aggregate, and submit relevant data for area businesses — information from physical directories like Yellow Pages or scanning business registrations. In a nutshell: Bigger search engines like Google will rely on these data aggregators to fill in the gaps of the existing information that's already in their databases, and will also cross-check to make sure that the facts are up-to-date.

    Problems arise, however, when aggregators collect out-of-date data, leading a search engine like Google or Bing to list the wrong information — such as an old address for your business or a disconnected phone number. From that point on, local search listings should be accurately and automatically updated by your management service. Oh, and remember to change all local listings if something changes — particularly when you move office or switch telephone numbers!

    A local landing page does what it says on the tin — targets people who are looking for something within a specific location.

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    Just take a look at top organic results being shown for a local keyword:. Carrying out technical SEO for local search engines is a similar process to the one we discussed earlier. Even so, local search engines are still extremely useful. Physical brick and mortar stores thrive on in-store visitors, right?