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Bride's immediate family: uncle Mark is my dad's bro

I distinctly remember a short-lived phase, in my own childhood, where I tried establishing a first name basis with my mother. That was both my first and last attempt at such familiarity. However, I would never wish for my son to feel as deflated as I did that day. For although my mother was correct in her reasoning.

From then onwards I looked at her primarily as an authoritative figure. We can all use more bros. Skip to content rocknrolldad. Toggle navigation. Dad Life bro , dad blog , dad life , humour , parenting , parenting advice. Would Robert have told him had he done it? All this petty drama had me snorting and rolling my eyes so badly I swear they were stuck in the same position at one point.

Bran there-is-no-time-for-that literally makes time to stir shit up. Like sending Sam to Jon, despite his clear distress. Listen, bby. S nsa acting like Jon randomly pulled into WF with his new girlfriend in his new Jag dragon. Do you know why we call it like that, my sweet summer child? Because we literally have no idea how long it is. Makes no sense. Also aweseeds said it better on her blog. I thought she learned a lot of things. Fuck I am beginning to miss Littlefinger. Now I regret he died so soon. The point people miss is that when I complain about S nsa here is not me complaining because I hate her.

Everyone important was there. I am not saying drop to your knees and maybe beg Dany to let you braid her hair, I am saying you could have learned a thing or two from Margaery who is probably now rolling in her grave at your mistakes. Why is this so hard to understand? Keep the dirty laundry in private. Bitch at Jon for not sending you enough letters or idk for not consulting you. But also maybe TRY to understand his position too.

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Keep civil and respectful, act cold but with all the protocol and poise is required. Because to me, currently, her petty ass behaviour and how she acted in this episode has no logic. I see you acting as I am better than Jon because I hate Targaryens in front of everyone. And all of this makes S look bad. Hell, in the scene where Jon asks if she trusts him, Imo it was also about the NK.

Which is pretty dumb since ya know Brienne was at the Dragon Pit summit and saw the wight soooo … no excuses, sis.

I am actually convinced that at this point no one in WF believes Jon, besides the Suicide Squad, Bran and the crew who was at the pit. Originally posted by house-stargaryen-got. Originally posted by excitementshewrote. Sis, no. Just no. Go, find your wife.

The Nags House Wiv Kids An My Dad Bro An Nephews;-)

Sob for the entire night, then talk to Jon. If Bran can just wait out Jaime to make him shit himself with a look, than Jon can also wait to have his world turned upside down. Not like Bran can get out of the damn court. I knew the spoilers, but I chose to be optimistic about it. But it was worse.

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You would neVER. Jon: well I am sorry but I am sure she had her reasons, I have also done the same for less ya know. God I wish I was making this shit up. God I have read all the reveal fics and they all did a much better job than the show. My man, being logical and trying to explain to Sam that sometimes strength is terrible. And treason is treason. And defending Daenerys. Wow, this is refreshing, to see Jon defending her as ardently as we do. I will take all and any soft jonerys moments we can get, and I choose not to complain about it.

Again I have reblogged a few posts that aligned with my views on the dragon riding in this episode. Give me more Jon Snow staring lovingly at Daenerys. More kissing, more soft moments, more Jonerys smiling. Dadvos planning the royal wedding and Varys the baby shower.

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What does it all mean? The plot thickens.

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  8. Poor Ned though - the only Lord in the North to show respect to Daenerys - is this name cursed now? I jumped and almost dropped my laptop jfc. Oh btw check out the BTS for this episode, that entire stunt was incredible! And they burned a stunt man! As I said, I enjoyed the episode. Felt amazing to see my babies back on screen, despite the handful of infuriating moments, but I am hoping episode 2 will pave the way to better times. The smiles, the looking at the lips, the full body dive, the hand wrap around her waist, the pulling up because she is smol, the hand that automatically comes up to his shoulder, the smile that continues even while they are kissing- I-.

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    Originally posted by mhysaofdragons. Dorky Dad Might in his acid washed jeans on an outing with little Deku based on a pic of my dad and bro from the 90s. Just another trans nonbinary kid. I managed to move back to my parents home today with the help of my dad and bro. Hope y'all have had a great tdov!!!

    JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. No way mine too! Xander voice Bunnies. Dad: Hey Craig! I got something to ask ya! Craig: What is it, bro? Dad: gets down on one knee and brings out a ring Will you be my Bro-sband? Craig: almost crying Bro…. Roy: You know, you still owe me that fifty bucks.

    And then I was a little too confidant in shooting pennies… Arthur: And this last one?! Matthew: Sick jaw harp solo. Overdid it. Dramatic finish. Too dramatic…. FACE family aph france aph canada aph england aph america dentist lightsaber battle that happened to me and my dad knocked out my bros front tooth by shooting pennies lol i have a mouth harp jaw harp francis bonnefoy matthew williams arthur kirkland alfred f jones txt post.

    I'm not longer in this fandom but my god this was a nostalgia trip I feel like I've just confessed multiple sins all at once enjoy my rant Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog sin memes fandom.

    50 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dad

    I told all of that to my brother. And for the first time in months, I cried. I just want all this shit to be over. Game of Thrones - Winterfell - 8x01 I would like to preface this by saying that I am happy and emotional that GoT is back and I enjoyed the first episode very much. If you need a certain post or more elaboration on certain points, hit me up : Lemme add a cut here because I bet this is gonna be long as fuck Originally posted by naivetyinblack Parallels Everywhere I am a sucker for parallels and I was basically the poetic cinema meme.

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    Keeping Up With The Starkashians All this petty drama had me snorting and rolling my eyes so badly I swear they were stuck in the same position at one point. Originally posted by excitementshewrote Jonwell is cancelled. We only stan Jondry now. You know why? Because Sam was acting petty.