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Other books in this series. Jinx's Magic Sage Blackwood. Add to basket. Jinx Sage Blackwood.

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Jinx's Fire Sage Blackwood. Jinx'ing Your Future Bo Reid. Review Text 'Jinx is filled with the magic of a great book. John Stephens show more.

Review quote 'A joy and a delight. About Sage Blackwood Sage Blackwood worked for many years as a teacher in Alaska, and now writes full-time.

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Jinx: The Wizard's Apprentice is her first fantasy novel. Rating details. Our customer reviews Jinx was a very interesting read that even people who normally do not venture into middle grade would enjoy myself included. Jinx is just a curious little boy who has a knack at finding troublesome situations and it almost seems that he is trying to live up to his name. Although he can be curious with different situations and aspects of life, he is very people cautious. This book is very easy to fall into and the world plays out almost like a fantasy video game and that is what I liked the best and the middle grade crowd probably will too.

It is not to serious and the idea that a little boy just wants to go out and explore is a notion that a lot people not just middle graders can relate too. Jinx is very well-written, Blackwood knows how to engage the reader with the adventures the characters go on and creates distinct characters.

Jinx: The Wizard's Apprentice : Book 1

I was very surprised by how Jinx managed to have thought-provoking lines which is not rare when I read MG books. Jinx is an adventurous and curious child who wants to see more of the world and learn more too. Enjoyed his relationship with Simon who is very different and more moody and morose but you could see his affection for Simon.

The world is written very well and although quite simplistic, what was written out was done well. I also liked the style of writing - it really helped in creating the overall atmosphere for a fantasy book.

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I highly recommend this to MG readers, especially those who love fantasy or are curious about fantasy. Jinx lives with his step-parents in a clearing within the Urwald - a vast forest teeming with nasty creatures and nastier wizards and witches.

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One day, Jinx's stepfather decides he can no longer support the boy and takes him out into the forest to abandon him. Unfortunately for Jinx's stepfather, they cross paths with Simon, an evil wizard. Simon offers to buy the boy instead and takes him home to do chores for him. He doesn't seem that evil to Jinx, but can he really be trusted?

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At first glance you may think that this book is another Harry Potter-ish clone, but while there are similarities, Jinx is quite a different story altogether. Jinx is a very determined little boy - he wants to get out and see the world, and feels trapped living with Simon. He commands the broom to carry buckets of water to fill a cauldron.

Since Mickey is satisfied, he sits down on the chair and falls asleep.

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He dreams he was a powerful sorcerer high on top of a pinnacle commanding the stars, planets, and water. Mickey wakes up to find that the room is filled with water, but since the cauldron is overflowing, the broom is not stopping. Mickey tries to stop the broom, but with no success, the broom walks right over him, bringing more and more water.

Finally, when the water keeps rising, Mickey, in desperation, grabs a huge axe, and chops the broom into pieces. Just when it is all over as Mickey is away, the little split pieces, lying quietly on the floor, begin to come alive, stand up right, grow his arms out of their sides, and turn into more brooms with buckets of water. They keep going to the vat and fill it up. Mickey tries to get the water out, but finds that there are too many brooms.

The Wizard's Apprentice (The Apprentice Book 1) by Janice F. Ayre

Mickey goes to a book and looks for a spell to stop the brooms. Mickey finds himself in a whirlpool.

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  • Just then, Yen Sid comes in and sees this, and with a wave of his hands, the water descends and the army of brooms decreased to one broom. Yen Sid glares at Mickey, who gives him back his hat and the broom. He picks up the buckets and started back slowly to finish his chores. At the end, as Yen Sid whacks Mickey from behind with the broom, Mickey runs out out of the room and leaves.